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Baby Kaitlyne

Have you considered including a Doula in your birth plan?

As Doulas, we provide emotional and physical support to a woman during labor, delivery and after birth. We also facilitate communication with the staff to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your baby’s birth. We provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with relaxation, positioning and other techniques for your comfort. We are independent and self-employed, and as such, are working for YOU, not your caregiver or place of birth.

We primarily serve clients residing in the Edmonton region of Alberta, Canada.

Live farther away? Contact us and let’s discuss how we can support you.

We were third time around parents so the nuances of the birthing room were not foreign to us. We had endured two very different yet difficult and traumatic labours in the past so with our third child we knew instantly we wanted the support of a doula this time. Melissa came to us under very unique circumstances and went entirely above and beyond our expectations in her role as our doula. She was extremely attentive, present and supportive for our labour. Her vast knowledge base and experience provided us with the right support to facilitate a positive VBAC. She is absolutely a dream to work with and we highly recommended Melissa to provide you with any and all support you may need for your pregnancy and birthing needs.

Kelly Family Testimonial

We felt very lucky to have had you by our side throughout the pregnancy, the delivery of our daughter, and the first weeks of her arrival. While our birth experience was different from what we expected, we felt calm and comfortable thanks to your help and encouragement. we are very grateful for all the information you provided us to make informed decisions. We could not ask for a more kind and skilled professional and recommend your outstanding services.

–  A & B

Baby Laura