Baby Charlotte

I am so happy I had Milly along with me on my birth journey. I could not have asked for a kinder, more knowledgable and grounded support person.  She truly made me feel comfortable and confident. What I appreciated most from Milly was her knowledge about physiology and birthing. From the point I started early labour, to the final stretch, she was suggesting positions and movements that would help baby decend. My labour went smoothly, and I genuinely believe her suggestions made the difference. She used her training in Spinning Babies to guide me in early labour as well, when I was experiencing intense pubic bone pain.  Lastly- her nurturing side was greatly appreciated. She rubbed my legs and feet and offered me words of comfort throughout my journey. When I was pushing she counted with me and cheered me on. I always felt safe and supported. I hope to have her with me at my next birth as well!